The Navy-Marine Corps Regional Training Center

The Navy-Marine Corps Regional Training Center (NMCRTC) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides all our eligible wrestlers opportunities to train, compete, and improve as individuals at the highest level of amateur wrestling. The NMCRTC supports and develops wrestlers by providing the coaching, training environment, and financial support necessary to compete for, and win, World and Olympic Championships.

About the Program

The Navy Marine Corps Regional Training Center is recognized by USA Wrestling as an Olympic Regional Training Center. It’s effort is to focus elite athletes who aspire to become All–American’s as well as National, World, and Olympic champions in a single training complex. Training is held on the prestigious grounds of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.

Currently, 40+ eligible athletes from all age groups train and compete through the NMCRTC. By giving wrestlers a central location to train year round, the NMCRTC helps bring the finest wrestlers to Annapolis, while developing their skills with elite training partners and coaches. This focus provides a vessel for those who choose to support this noble and worthy initiative to pursue excellence.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to create a peak performance,  highly competitive environment, in partnership with Navy Wrestling, where RTC athletes can train, compete, and win championships at the highest level of amateur competition. The NMCRTC designates annual resources to support and enhance local wrestling facilities, training equipment, staffing support and other requests from its participants. The NMCRTC offers local athletes and coaches (250 miles as the crow flies) access to an Olympic Regional Training Center recognized and sanctioned by USA Wrestling.

The NMCRTC supports all levels of wrestling but focuses on Olympic Development for the wrestlers that train and compete there. The Regional Training Center model offers both coaches and athletes a competitive environment in addition to supporting 3 Resident-Athletes who’s sole purpose is to win World and Olympic Championships. The Resident-Athlete program offers post-graduate exposure to all wrestlers eligible to train with the RTC, as well as full-time training partners for those on the yard of the USNA.

In addition, weekly education is provided in all areas of development required to be a top competitor in the sport of amateur wrestling; (Strength, Speed, Skill, Stamina, Agility, Mental and Moral Development). With specialized training, athletes can develop the skills and mindset to reach their full potential. These key attributes are sought after by athletes at every level and shared with and practiced by coaches and wrestlers who aspire to become champions.

Navy Wrestling Vision Statement

To establish a highly competitive wrestling program at USNA; one that can win the EIWA Championship, regularly produce champions, and consistently place in the Top 20 in the NCAA Tournament.

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