The RTC’s purpose is the development of the sport for national team representation. NCAA rules create specific exceptions for those “training centers” which allow for coach involvement with SAs and PSAs.

  1. RTC may not be to assist the NAAA/USNA
  2. RTC may not be to expand community support of NAAA/USNA
  3. RTC may not be to help NAAA in winning NCAA Championships
  4. RTC cannot have any website overlap with NAAA. Any RTC website must be separate and content on websites may not appear to be connected
  5. Should be no overlap of NAAA and RTC merchandise, must be separate and not from the same source, i.e., RTC may not order Under Armour through NAAA
  6. Fundraising for RTC must be separate from all NAAA efforts. No mixing of fundraising activities, efforts or messaging
  7. NAAA coaches must disclose any, and all, RTC income on yearly outside income form
  8. RTC coaches can’t recruit for NAAA/USNA
  9. NAAA SAs cannot compete with RTC during the academic year, unless it meets a legislated exception
  10. RTC cannot engage in any recruiting activities while interacting with PSAs who are part of the program
  11. Hourly restrictions still apply for SAs who participate with RTC
    a. In-season, SAs are limited to 20hrs/wk and 4/hrs/day.
    b. Out-of-season, SA not subject to the 20 hr rule. Practice activities that are part of the RTC would not count toward weekly time limitations provided the RTC activities are held separately from NAAA out-of-season activities.

* PSA = Prospective Student Athlete (9-12 Grade)
** SA = Student Athlete (Current Student Athletes at USNA)